Reflection #6: UC Socially Defeated?

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.54.55 AM

This article reminded me of my disillusionment of protest culture within UCSD.  I’ve participated in numerous protests here, and while I genuinely believed in their causes and in the necessity for peaceful protest, I couldn’t help but feel that doing it in a school setting was even more depressing.  I couldn’t help but feel that no matter how much we marched and chanted and no matter how many letters and manifestos we sent to administrators and higher-ups, they would never be fully ready and willing to listen to student voices.  It’s disheartening, and partially the reason why I haven’t been to a single protest since fall quarter.

However, I’ve also realized that this mindset might be a tad pessimistic and too objective-driven.  The ends are never completely tangible, at least never at the beginning.  Protests are like earthquakes: the ripples rattle the foundations before the buildings are brought to rubble.  Unless, of course, you chuck cars at the buildings first.



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