Reflection #5: The Weight of a Pronoun

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.45.55 AM.png

This article is so lit.  I love how the author talks about how gender is a performance, and how whiteness and thinness deprived her of claiming black womanhood as she experienced it.  I never thought of pronouns as also carrying traumas within them, and I was actually a fan of using “They/Them” in battling the binaries through which we perceive and categorize gender.  I never considered the neutrality within “They/Them” though, and how disqualifying that might feel to those who have experienced incredible trauma in claiming their genderhood.  More than anything, this article taught me that experiences in gender are incredibly unique and we shouldn’t accept a seemingly “woke” practice without filtering it through the lens of our personal experience first.



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