Reflection #12: This Is Why I Didn’t Go to Chapman

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.40.05 AM

I can’t with this article.  It is just so severely misinformed and idiotic to the point of being unfathomable.  My forehead is currently resting in my palms in disbelief.

Of course black-on-black violence is an issue, but to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement for it is like yelling at someone for missing a spot on a dirty window that YOU smeared bird shit all over (not my best metaphor, but I’m incapable of spewing eloquence past midnight).  

Do you know why there is police violence?  Why crime rates are so high in urban, black neighborhoods?  It’s because of our nation’s history of slavery, white supremacy, of forcing black people out of fair housing, out of the workforce, from having clean water or adequate funding for municipal programs, because of the inherent racism within our criminal justice system.

Also, “The probability of being killed by a police officer is almost the same as being struck by lightning”? Really??


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