First Post: A Manifesto on Mindfulness and Reflection

I want to first provide you with a link and transcript of my manifesto.  By doing so, I hope the purpose in writing these reflections will become more clear.  In short, I am refusing to be a passive consumer of media.  By taking the time to reflect on the media I’ve encountered, I am actively pitting myself against the fast-paced, information-saturated, and progress-obsessed society that has hampered and absorbed my state of being/acting in the world.  I hope to prove to you that mindfulness and reflection can give birth to social action– that taking a step back  to nurture the personal and the individual can have deep and fruitful implications in the public sphere.



Mike Ananny, blog post, teaching on day 1 of Trump.


We can’t make the same mistake fish make: they don’t know what water is because they’re always swimming in it.  We can’t not think critically about media because it’s all around us and we think we have little power to shape it.” Unquote.


Key word: “think.”


Ellen Rose, On Reflection.


“The reflective individual is held “in contempt” by contemporary society for failing to contribute anything of utilitarian value to the work that must be done” Unquote.


key word: “reflective.”


I want to be a fish that notices and ponders the water.  

This is the work that must be done: the work of refusing to be a passive swimmer.


This is a Manifesto on Mindfulness and Reflection.


  1.     I will not be a mindless receptacle of information.
  2.     I will not be careless with my words.
  3.     I will be receptive.
  4.     I will be reflective.
  5.  I will not live my life on autopilot.
  6.     I will not take the status quo as a given.
  7.     I will not take “because that’s the way things have always been done” as an acceptable explanation.
  8.  I will not adhere to the right way of doing things.
  9.  What is the right way of doing things?
  10. Because good things wait for you to come, right?
  11.  Because thoughts speak louder than words, right?
  12.  And thoughtful actions speak louder than words, right?

Reflection will not be a piece of cake.


  1.  Take one step back and two steps forward.
  2.     I will not wrestle with my questions.
  3. I will stand beside my questions.
  4. And cradle them in my arms.
  5. I will reflect on their answers.
  6. I will create new normals.
  7.  I will give myself time and space to become concise in my being.
  8.  I will take productive breathers.
  9.  I will not be intimidated by woke people.
  10.  I will not be intimidated by woke people’s Facebook posts.
  11.  I will question and ponder woke People’s Facebook posts.
  12.  I will continue to write and think
  13.  Even when my pens run out of ink.
  14.  I will not expect more clarity than I can give.
  15.  I will believe in the possibility of a non-violent fist.
  16.  I will not dust the sheetrock from my fists.
  17.  I will cultivate a discerning fist.
  18.  I believe that mindfulness can give birth to action.
  20.  this is a manifesto on mindfulness and reflection.

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