Reflection #14: White People Aren’t the Only Vegans As a vegan myself, I can’t believe I had never noticed this before.  While I had always internalized the predominately white, youthful, and able-bodied representations of veganism that proliferated the media, I had never stopped to question their implications or their seeming infallibility.  Representation is like an echo chamber: when you see something depicted over… Continue reading Reflection #14: White People Aren’t the Only Vegans

Reflection #13: Flying Presidential Fluff Ok, I hate Trump’s hair (and the entity that it’s attached to) just as much as the next person, but to devote an entire news article to it? Especially on a legitimate, political Facebook page– it seemed kind of petty to me.  (The video itself is a potentially hilarious gold mine for GIF conoisseur’s, though).… Continue reading Reflection #13: Flying Presidential Fluff

Reflection #12: This Is Why I Didn’t Go to Chapman I can’t with this article.  It is just so severely misinformed and idiotic to the point of being unfathomable.  My forehead is currently resting in my palms in disbelief. Of course black-on-black violence is an issue, but to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement for it is like yelling at someone for missing a… Continue reading Reflection #12: This Is Why I Didn’t Go to Chapman

Reflection #11: The Necessity of the N.E.A I totally believe in what this article is implying about the importance of arts and how its preservation and promotion in the United States is in jeopardy.  While this article does a good job of outlining the various functions of the N.E.A. and finished with some inspiring statements about the importance of the arts,… Continue reading Reflection #11: The Necessity of the N.E.A

Reflection #10: Boobs + Emma Watson = Feminism What an attention-grabbing title.  I like it.  But, I will be frank about my indifference toward Emma Watson as a feminist icon.  The brand of feminism that she advocates is just so safe, so vanilla, so focused on traditional gender binaries and not inclusive enough of all the people who fall outside of the… Continue reading Reflection #10: Boobs + Emma Watson = Feminism